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During the past ten years, my research has revolved around the theme of the line. I use it in different contexts, in both two and three-dimensional works. My process includes drawing on paper using embroidery and embossing, assembling, site-specific installations, photography and video. Using thread, I explore the different qualities of the line and at times combine it with domestic objects and integrate it with architecture. Each body of work is a result of using systems and procedures specific to each of the series, which involves repetitive gestures and accumulation. My work oscillates between calculation and intuition, often suggesting a humorous approach. I am also interested in line as definition of space. I investigate space through line along surfaces, planes, and occupied volume.  I manipulate space further with both natural and artificial light. Through a refined aesthetic I play with the ambiguity of perception of the depicted and tangible, true and false. The work reveals itself, partially or completely, according to the viewer’s proximity and distance.

My new series of photographs involves experiments with natural light. I am particularly interested in the trajectory and geometry of the light as it touches, brushes, deflects or crosses surfaces. The images are close-ups of small assemblages made with translucent paper of Mylar. The resulting compositions become entirely abstract. The use of different camera settings and color gels opens the way for countless color variations.

My current video research builds on the still photography and explores the notions of movement and manipulation of space. I am interested in the transformation of the still image to the video sequence, the effect of sound on the viewer’s experience of space, and the blurring of boundaries between the real and the fictional.